This magnificent residence, located outside of Las Vegas, NV, stands out with its strikingly bold and expansive horizontal lines that create a sense of grandeur and monumentality. The single-story layout follows an augmented H-plan with a central foyer, which splits the two principal living areas and offers a mesmerizing view of the iconic Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding mountain ranges.

This classic and symmetrical layout is further emphasized by a central axis that runs in both directions from the foyer, culminating in the primary suite to the east and the guest wing to the west. The sense of formality is heightened by the high ceilings, ranging from 10-15 feet, and a symmetrical kitchen and media bar,

To take full advantage of the stunning views, the design incorporates courtyards that seamlessly extend the view frontage, including a breathtaking view of Las Vegas from the primary suite's closet. The unique back-of-house efficiencies are yet another distinguishing feature, providing direct access from the garage to the primary suite, prep kitchen, and other supporting spaces.

In sum, this mansion represents a masterful achievement in architectural design, offering a perfect balance of elegance, functionality, and breathtaking natural surroundings. Its strong horizontal lines, augmented H-plan, symmetrical layout, and courtyard extensions, all contribute to creating an atmosphere of refined sophistication and pure luxury. This mansion is a true gem, an architectural masterpiece, and a worthy addition to any list of the world's most impressive residences.