As part of a partnership between Columbia Business School and Parsons School of Design, the Luxury Design & Strategy course assigned us to improve Remy Martin XO's appeal to the Millennial market.

Remy Martin XO is a highly-regarded luxury cognac, but its customer base is limited, and the brand wants to expand its reach to a wider audience, specifically the high-spending, dark-spirit-loving finance and banking community in their 30s.

To achieve this, students are asked to develop a commercial plan that leverages research, creativity, and design to understand the target audience's luxury purchasing behaviors, media consumption, and milestones. The plan should aim to increase the relevance and desirability of the brand in the target audience's lives through on-premise and retail marketing, e-commerce, digital engagement, gifting, and packaging.

My role focused on the aesthetics and narrative behind our suggestions. A link to the final presentation can be found here.


Showing the evolution of the brand. Suggestions included a visual story of cognac relayed through the XO packaging.