The Mirage Above it All

The Mirage House stands as a testament to the powerful connection between architectural design and its natural surroundings. This stunning residence, spanning nearly three acres in the picturesque MacDonald Highlands, was envisioned by clients seeking to create a home that both adhered to the principles of feng-shui and served as an iconic presence visible from the Las Vegas valley below.

Drawing from historical references, the Mirage House employs a compressive entry journey that artfully guides visitors through a series of courtyards before culminating in a breathtaking twenty-foot pivot door, which opens to reveal a triple-height foyer. The result is a captivating spatial experience that pays homage to the Palace at Versailles, where the clients honeymooned, and features dramatic scale and sightlines that evoke an ethereal atmosphere.

The home's grand staircase is a true masterpiece, serving as both an architectural monument and a nod to the client's childhood hero, the Monkey King. The column symbolizes the Monkey King's spear, which he famously used to hold up the ocean. The gold-leafed dome reflects the water feature 34 feet below, while also providing crucial structural support for the staircase.

In addition to its awe-inspiring design, the Mirage House offers comfortable and livable spaces that are both human in scale and carefully curated to ensure a balanced experience for its residents. From its north elevation, the Mirage House appears as a faint desert mirage, a nod to the ephemeral beauty of its surroundings. Each elevation offers a unique perspective, while the home as a whole remains a cohesive masterpiece that merges seamlessly with its breathtaking natural context.

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