Nestled within the coveted Summit community, Cloister House offers a striking study in transitional design that draws heavily upon historical planning and organization. Commissioned by an East Coast native, the residence was envisioned as a private haven for family gatherings throughout the year, with a nod to the grandeur of the Gilded Age infused with a modern sensibility.

Elevating privacy as a top priority, the design centers around two courtyards, their walls providing a tasteful screen for the auto court and regulation basketball court. The strong horizontal lines of the façade are artfully softened by raised planters and a delicate trellis that spans nearly a third of the elevation.

While the architecture boasts a disciplined horizontality, the home remains airy and inviting by maintaining multiple primary axes throughout the layout. Distinctive spaces feel connected through site lines and common outdoor areas, fostering a sense of community within the residence. As a captivating synthesis of past and present, Cloister House is a testament to the art of transitional design.